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Realising artworks in Bronze and Brass since 1930

We are a full service foundry specialising in fine art sculpture, furniture elements and architectural hardware. Using the lost wax process we are able to achieve a very high level of detail and complexity, perfect for even the most intricate of work.

We will always welcome artists and clients into our facility and believe that the best work is made with an understanding of the full casting process from mould to patina and all the steps in-between.

Under new management since 2018 we have now completed a full refurbishment of our 100 year old building, investing over a three quarters of a million pounds into the future of the company with assistance from the European Regional Development Fund and Birmingham City Council. This included a new roof - replacing the one from 1910 - and a complete overhaul of health & safety in the business, bringing our 90 year old foundry firmly into the 21st century.

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Unit 7, Hawthorns Industrial Estate
Middlemore Road
Birmingham, B21 0BJ


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Training & Opportunities

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We have put into place a new training programme for all employees, both new hires and long serving staff members. This covers all aspects of production and is aimed at giving everyone a thorough understanding of the entire lost wax process.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have such experienced staff and feel that it is our duty to ensure that these life-long skills are passed down to the next generations, our average tenure is 14 years, although some have been at the company for over 35, so there is an incredible wealth of knowledge available.

We are always interested in hearing from artistic people who want to learn. Get in touch or send us an email on