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We pride ourselves on our meticulous moulds, many of which have multiple parts to accommodate overhangs, small parts, and fine detail.

The best results come from the best moulds. We will always welcome a dialogue with the sculptor on how to get the desired result in the most efficient way, prioritising quality above all.

We are guided by our Head of Mouldmaking who has been with us for over 35 years and it is this experience that is key to making moulds for intricate work that is well suited to lost wax casting.

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Once the mould is made we produce a wax to check how the pieces fit together, waxes are produced using either an injector for small parts or by hand painting the wax into the mould. After the pieces are check the mould is catalogued and then has its air gates cut so that the piece is ready for investment and casting.

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Mould Archive

With a long history behind us we have built up over 35,000 moulds which are stored in our archive, dating from around 1958 to the present day.

Through maintaining this archive we enable our clients to produce new editions, recommission pieces, and request specific parts for years to come. Every new mould is catalogued and added to the archive after use so future managers of the Wax Shop can easily access them in the future.