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Our Craft

Each of our pieces goes through multiple specialised departments to be produced, combining traditional techniques with modern technology.


Our pieces come from diverse sources; some we hand-sculpt, some are moulded from real objects, others are modelled and 3D printed, and we also use vintage moulds from our archives.

It's this approach that gives our collection its eclectic and yet familiar feeling. Although we have deep ties to traditional bronzecraft we also use technology to create new works.


A rubber mould is made using the original art work. Every detail captured in this mould will be reproduced in the bronze castings.

This mould has include air gates, channels for the molten bronze, and other specialised details to ensure a high quality casting.

Waxing & Spruing

Wax copies of the original are made from the mould and then attached to a sprue. The structure and orientation of the sprue is critical to allow the best flow of the molten bronze.

Our specialised wax department have been making sprues for complex artworks for decades and every piece is individually assessed to design the optimal sprue.

Plaster Investment

The wax sprue has a plaster jacket poured around it before being baked in our kiln. This hardens the plaster and melts the wax which is recycled in our wax department.

The hardened plaster mould has a negative space the same shape as the wax sprue and is now ready for casting.


The bronze is heated to 1300C in our furnace to create mesmerising molten metal. The temperature is measured and moderated to create just the right fluidity in the molten bronze.

Casting is an art unto itself with the pouring technique being the difference between a high quality casting and scrap. Pouring too quickly creates turbulence in the mould, while pouring too slowly creates air pockets and other issues.

Our casting team have decades of experience between them and pride themselves on their high quality castings.


Once cast the parts are welded together, sprue and casting marks are removed, and small details are refined.

Bronze is an interesting alloy that is highly durable and yet malleable enough to be worked by hand and capture the finest of details. Our finishing shop specialises in the production of handmade artworks and have decades of experience in bronzecraft.


Patina is an artform that takes years to learn and requires a steady hand and a keen eye.

The metal is heat and various solutions are applied using brushes, sprays, sponges, and all sorts of other implements to create layers of texture and colour.

Every single one of our pieces is finished individually and by hand. There's no other way to create the fine beauty of bronzework.

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